Factory Environmental Policy.





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Date Created   01/06/2013
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As a unit specializing in the collection, recycling, and disposal of industrial and hazardous waste, with the motto 'TOGETHER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION,' Thanh Tung 2 Limited Liability Company always strives to develop its production and business in harmony with environmental protection. Therefore, all leaders and employees of Thanh Tung 2 Limited Liability Company commit to the following content:

  1. Full compliance with the laws, regulations, treaties, and relevant standards of Vietnam and the international community.

2. Conserve energy and natural resources, recycle waste, and dispose of waste in compliance with legal requirements.

  1. Promote research and development of necessary technologies and materials for environmental protection and share the results with society.
  2. Establish an Environmental Management System (EMS) to prevent pollution and environmental harm, while continuously reducing the burden on the environment.
  3. Enhance environmental awareness among employees through training and participation in environmental activities.
  4. Share experiences with other organizations in the community, raise environmental awareness among customers, partners, and contractors.

In order for the environmental policy to be clearly understood in practical implementation, all employees of Thanh Tung 2 Company will be guided and informed. We commit to making efforts and successfully implementing the environmental protection program

CEO (Executive Director)