Recycled sludge

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Characteristics of the Product:

The construction and industrial waste recycling product in the construction and chemical industry sector is a type of product derived from the chemical industry (adhesive chemistry). It is formed by using clay minerals as adhesive material with a bonding agent to create the adhesive properties. It becomes hard without firing through tight and sustainable bonding between soil particles of clay minerals and metal ions present in the soil and in the groundwater (this is the reason for expansion, swelling when soil meets water and contraction when it dries, without firing before ion bonding occurs with the polarized adhesive material (R-SO3H)).

Some prominent basic features of the product include:

  • Absolutely no water absorption or water leakage, no expansion, contraction, or deformation. It has excellent resistance to abrasion and is non-slip when wet.

  • It remains durable when used in water environments (freshwater, saline water, brackish water, seawater, etc.).

  • The product can withstand high compressive forces, has good abrasion resistance, with a compression strength of up to K98 and an elastic modulus (Eđh) ranging from 1600-2000 KG/cm2.

  • The manufacturing process is simple, equipment is straightforward, easy to operate and maintain, and the cost of setting up production facilities is affordable for all scales, from manual to industrial.

All product forms are environmentally safe, with no adverse reactions occurring when working in a water environment for an extended period.

Scope of Application:

  1. Transportation Infrastructure:

    • Stabilizing weak soil foundations for transportation infrastructure.
    • Reinforcing regular roadbeds.
    • Reinforcing road base layers.
    • Constructing rural roads.
    • Repairing damaged road surfaces.
    • Building parking lots, harbor yards, and port areas.
    • Reinforcing road embankments and mountain slopes.
  2. Coastal Hydraulic Structures:

    • Renovating foundations of coastal dam walls.
    • Strengthening embankments and flood barriers.
    • Riverbank and coastal erosion control.
    • Waterproofing for hydraulic structures.
    • Creating wave attenuation blocks along the coast.
    • Reinforcing water treatment tanks, aquaculture ponds, etc.
  3. Construction Projects:

    • Building yards, playgrounds, driveways, animal husbandry areas.
    • Park pathways, gardens, ecological zones.
    • Foundation treatment for construction projects to prevent subsidence.
  4. Environmental Remediation:

    • Recycling industrial waste.
    • Treating industrial, household, and natural waste to protect the environment.
    • Managing disposal sites for mining waste (non-fired bricks).


Recycling solid waste into useful construction materials for reuse is one of the technological solutions for pollution control and environmental protection. This includes recycling industrial and construction waste using adhesive chemistry to harden the materials without firing, creating valuable construction materials. A group of technology experts and environmental engineers at our company has successfully researched and applied these methods for a long time, achieving results and implementing them on a laboratory scale. These technologies have been tested in several regions, especially in the field of transportation infrastructure. The production of unfired bricks and the successful transformation of Bauxite ore waste in Bao Loc, Lam Dong into unfired bricks and large wave-blocking blocks for marine environments and yards have been achieved.

Therefore, we are always ready to seek support and collaboration with state scientific and technological institutions, provinces, cities, industrial zones, processing zones, urban areas, and private enterprises engaged in environmental pollution control and environmental protection activities in all forms of solid, liquid, and gaseous waste treatment.