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Office: E189, Commune No.5, Long Binh Ward, BienHoa City

Factory: Village No.4, Vinh Tan Commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province

Tel:0251.8.826526;0251.3.961449 Fax:0251.3.961.449

Dear our valued clients,


     Firstly, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your believe to our success.

     As you may know, Thanh Tung 2Co Ltd has been operated over 10 years in waste treatment field. During our years of collaborations, We, Thanh Tung 2 Co Ltd, always make our effort to be one of leading company in environmental treatmentfield. We have collected hazardous wastes, industrial non-hazardous from big companies in Dong Nai Province such as:


+        POUCHEN VIETNAM Co., Ltd,

+        TAEKWANG Vina Industrial,

+        TOSHIBA AsiaIndustry Co., Ltd,

+        ULHWA Vietnam Co., Ltd,

+        JAEILL Vietnam Co., Ltd,

+        BROTHER Industries Saigon Co., Ltd,

+        WATABE WEDDING Vietnam Co., Ltd,

+        MATSUYA Vietnam Co., Ltd,

+        ARIA Vietnam Co., Ltd,

+        DONG JIN Vietnam Co., Ltd,

+        YOUNG JIN Vietnam Co., Ltd,


+        SAMIL Vina Co., Ltd,

+        ShiRaSaKi Co., Ltd,


+        FUJIKURA ELechtrolux  Co., Ltd,        

+        SIKA VIET NAM Ltd,


+        TOYO INK Co.,Ltd,

+        KOSTEEL VINA Co.,Ltd,


+        BAFS Vietnam Co., Ltd


+        AKAZO NOBEL COATINGS Vietnam Co., Ltd

+        MEIWA Vietnam Co., Ltd

+        RESINOPLAST Vietnam Co., Ltd

+        HARADA Vietnam Co., Ltd

+        FUMAKILLA Vietnam Co., Ltd

+        FIGLA Vietnam Co., Ltd

+        SHINPOONG PHARMA Co., Ltd,

+        FRIWO Vietnam Co., Ltd

+        ............


With “Environment Protection Together” policies, We commit to develop business and environment protection together. The client’s gratificationwill be the measure of our business development.

To meet the growing needs of customers and partners, we are improving and implementing effectively environment treatment solutions. We are pleased to inform The Factory “Recycling, Processing and Disposing hazardous wastes, industrial non-hazardous” is being organized in December 2012 at Vinh Tan Commune, Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai Province.

*      Ensuring fully and appropriate legal:

- Verification of Technology OL No.310/SKHCN-QLC dated 16 Mar 2012 by DongNai Science and Technology;

- Additional Business License No. 47121000347 dated 14Jun2012by Dong Nai People Committee;

- Decree No. 1150/QĐ-BTNMT dated 23 July 2012 by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment about “Approval factory’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)”and Decree No. 2254/CQLCTR&CTMT dated 18 december 2012 by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment about  Permit the Operator to test

- Business license No.7-8.39VX –BTNMT dated 30 Decemble 2020.


*      Factory:

- Area: 81.164 m2(8,116ha) included: Waste Recycling and Processing Area: 29.602 m2;Waste landfill Area: 11.006 m2; Waste water treatment and Hazardous Liquid Waste Treatment Area: 1.625 m2and Green Trees Land and Pool: 18.215 m2; and other sub Area.

- Capacity: Recycling and industrial non-hazardous treatment capacity is 40 tons/ day, Processing hazardous waste treatment capacity is 91 tons/day with modernization technology such as:

1. Waste classification, packaging system with capacity 30 tons/day;

2. Plastic waste recycling system with capacity 10 tons/day;

3. Oil waste recycling system with capacity 2 tons/day;

4. Waste solvent recycling system with capacity 2 tons/day;

5. Waste battery processing system with capacity 01 ton/day;

6. Waste lead recycling system with capacity 2 tons/day;

7. Drum washing and recovering system with capacity 600 drums/day;

8. Hazardous liquid waste processing system with capacity 40m3/day;

9. 02 Incinerators with capacity 300kg/hourand 1 Incineratorwith capacity 1 ton/hour;

10. Solidify system with capacity 9 tons/day;

11. Waste bulb grinding and processing system with capacity 0,6 ton/day;

12. Electronic component waste process system with capacity 01 ton/day;

13. Industrial non-hazardous waste landfill with capacity 05 ton/day;

14. Hazardous waste landfill with capacity 05 ton/day.

            We are implementing in 2 stages. The first stage finished with 50% of all capacity and continue focusing on the second stage (2013-2015) to full the capacity comply with EIS. All of above systems had been imported from oversea like Incinerator from Japan, Processing system from European and Asia.

Thus, we are looking for opportunities to serve and add value to new valued clients in Vietnam. We want to be a trusted and professional environmental treatment services to you, with the ambition to make our relationship mutually beneficial.

We highly appreciate your kindness and understanding that all concerns and comments from you are regarded as a good way for us to comprehend ourselves and our way to serve you.

Lastly, we wish you and your company good health and success.


Sincerely yours,

General Director